The Maldives are known as a Divers' Paradise, marine life is varied, with a huge concentration of several coral species, soft corals and many types of fish concentrated in a single site. And much more: during a single dive you are likely to see sharks, turtles, rays and several other species. Whale sharks and mantas are often spotted during several periods of the year. Dives are mainly done with current. Let yourself be carried along the endless reef and enjoy the most spectacular diving experience of your life…

Discover the splendid beauty of the Maldives on board Adventurer 2. Reach the most solitary islands, dive in the best diving sites and let time tranquilly pass you by.

Hotel resorts are located on selected atolls. The islands are quite apart from each other and the best way to explore all the Maldives has to offer is by boat…..and Adventurer 2 is going to offer you an Adventure in the Maldives that you will never forget.

Location Indian Ocean
Number of island 1900
Number of inhabited 202 islands
Capital Malé
Population 250.000
Currency Rufiyaa (1 US$ = 12,75 Rufiyaa)
Average temperature 28 - 32° C
Average water temperature 27 - 29° C